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Stop and Save the Roses!

By | Ruthe Tuesdays

I think we can all agree that having fresh flowers at a wedding is one of the most beautiful ways to decorate the day. With the right florist, they’re designed gorgeously, add height to tables, smell wonderful and accent beautiful wedding dresses. But what about when the wedding is over? What happens to all those tedious arrangements that took a lot of time and money to bring to life? I did some research and found a few ways you can use your florals after the party is over.

  • Give to Guests        

Why not allow your guests to continue to enjoy them? As the party is winding down, allow some of those last guests that are lingering to take home the arrangements. They could even be given as a thank you to family members that stay behind to clean up that night. Who knows, some of those family and friends might have another event that weekend that they could use the flowers for.

  • Spread the Love

Continue to celebrate love after your wedding by donating your arrangements to local nursing homes or hospitals. You can’t go wrong with a simple act of kindness like this! You could also ask your venue if they host churches. If you have a Saturday night wedding, the flowers can be given to the Sunday morning church service. You wouldn’t even have to worry about delivering the flowers to another location at that point!

  • Preserve the Memories

If you’re a super sentimental bride, you might consider drying or preserving your flowers. There are numerous companies that specialize in post-wedding florals. Consider pressing some of your flowers into a scrapbook or preserving your whole bridal bouquet in a glass case.

  • Go Green

Nowadays, when everyone is wanting to take part in creating a better environment for us to live in, saving resources is very important. That’s why companies like help brides find other local brides that are willing to share florals on their wedding day. Brides can choose to sell their florals at a discount rate, they can look for second-hand arrangements or simply share with another couple. It not only reduces waste but it saves your wallet too. It really changes the meaning of something borrowed!

Although weddings can be extravagant and exorbitant, they don’t have to be wasteful. Whatever way you decide to give your flowers a second life, it is helping you, possibly your wallet and the environment. Keep spreading the love!

Looking Forward to 2020 Weddings

By | Ruthe Tuesdays

2019 is gone and just like that 2020 is here…and so are some new wedding trends! If you’re like me, it’s always fun to see what new styles make an appearance from year to year. So for our trend-followers out there, here are four 2020 wedding trends that you’ll wanna know about.

  • Micro Weddings

Large guest counts seem to be slowly making its way out of style. From what we’ve seen, micro weddings are in. These weddings have a guest count under 100…some only have a count of 50! They may be smaller, but they don’t necessarily cut down on the wedding budget. Micro weddings choose to have a higher budget per-person. This allows for the couple to choose unique menus, drinks and entertainment for their family and friends. You probably won’t see a simple chicken dinner at this kind of 2020 wedding.

  • Inclusive Menus

Speaking of wedding food, 2020 seems to be the year of inclusive menu options. Couples are making sure each guest gets the dinner that reflects their individual dietary habits. We are talking about vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free menus. More and more caterers realize this trend and push to include menus to satisfy everyone at the wedding.

  • Florals Everywhere!Flowers aren’t just for centerpieces and bouquets anymore! Dried flower petals are showing up in ice, drinks and cakes. Floral patterns make a comeback and appear in bridal and bridesmaid dresses as well as some linens and invitations. If you want your wedding to follow the next-big thing, you can’t go wrong with floral accents in your décor!
  • Videography

            While we’ve already seen this trend slowly appear in 2019, it has taken off completely! Now it is almost a necessity to hire a videographer for your wedding. It is just as important as a photographer. Couples want to be able to relive their day on film. Wedding videos often feature their personalized vows, ceremony, pre-wedding prep and reception. These are all moments that couples say they want their future children to be able to see on camera one day.

While this list doesn’t reflect every single trend of 2020, we believe these were the “greatest hits” and worthy mentions. We can’t wait to see these appear during our next events at RJC! We hope that you could even be a part of it and be one of our trendy RJC brides of 2020!

Advice for the Guy Planning to Propose

By | Ruthe Tuesdays

While all of our past pieces of advice have been for planning the perfect wedding, we decided to switch gears and tailor advice to those guys out there planning the perfect proposal! And if you’re a guy reading this about to propose to your girlfriend, let me be the first to say congratulations! This is a big deal! We hope these tips will help you better plan for this special occasion…and take some stress out of the experience as well!

  •  Communication is Key

While the proposal is supposed to be a surprise, the topic of marriage shouldn’t be! The easiest way to avoid your girlfriend from saying no is to openly talk to her about the idea of marriage. Make sure this kind of commitment is what you both want. Remember, your first conversation about marriage should not be as you are getting on one knee. If family is a big part of you and your partner’s life, consider cluing in the family beforehand as well. Depending on the family dynamic, asking her dad for her hand in marriage might be appropriate too.

  •  Go Shopping 

This one might be obvious, but make sure to have a ring to give to your partner when you propose. Unless you 100% know she does not want a diamond, do not assume she is okay with picking out a ring post-engagement. This step is also about communication as well. Take the time to get to know what she wants and what she’s expecting!

  • Get the Inside Scoop

Don’t overlook this step because it can save you so much stress! Before you propose, get the inside scoop from her family and friends what she likes and dislikes. Her sister might know exactly what kind of proposal she’s been dreaming of her whole life. Her mom might also know what she absolutely doesn’t want. Ask her best friend if she would rather have an intimate proposal or something in front of a crowd or stadium. Don’t guess! The answer to what she really wants is just a conversation away!


  • Document the Moment

Everyone in the wedding world seems to agree that the single most thing you should invest in for your big day is a good photographer. We believe the same is true for the moment when you get down on one knee. Your girlfriend will be so glad to know that you invested in someone to catch the whole event on camera. Proposal pictures are some of the sweetest out there, so don’t skip out on this step! Plus, if some of your family or friends can’t make it to the proposal, you’ll have pictures to show them later on.

  • Don’t Wing It

This is a huge thing to plan. Don’t wait until two minutes before getting on one knee to decide what you are gonna say. Take some time to process what you want to communicate to your partner. Be romantic! Tell her how much she means to you. You could even write a poem or speech beforehand and read it to her in the moment. I promise that will really show her how much you care! Secondly, don’t wing it when it comes to planning the proposal. Create a moment that you will both be proud of and something that you can cherish for years. Did you know there’s even proposal planners out there? Yep! You might even consider hiring someone to help you pull-off that surprise for your girlfriend.

Conquering the Bridal Show

By | Ruthe Tuesdays

It’s a new year and that means a new wedding season! There’s no better time to sign up for all the local bridal shows if you’re newly engaged. The first two months of the year are very popular times for vendors to host these fun events. While you might be the bride that is already signed up for every show imaginable, we realize a lot of brides might not feel the same way about these crowded events. It’s easy to get overwhelmed in a sea of vendors, tables and businesses wanting your attention…not to mention the hundreds of other couples in the building. But if you attend these shows well prepared, there’s really nothing to fear! Let’s help you make the most of the bridal show!


  1. Recruit Your Team
    Once you find a show that you think you’ll want to register for, the first thing you want to do is make sure your team is available to assist you on this day. Whether it’s your maid of honor, mother, sister, or fiancé, don’t underestimate the importance of having others at the bridal show to help you. They will be there to help you talk to vendors that are your number one priority. They will help you stay on task and track. And they will help you make decisions or give you their invaluable opinion when considering vendors. Not to mention, being with your team is a lot more fun than taking on a bridal show alone!
  1. Dress Confidently
    You might not think to dress confidently right away when considering a bridal show event. However, it’s super important to make sure you’re dressing to fit your style and comfort. Express your personality! If you walk into any event dressed to impress, it’ll only boost your own confidence. You’ll feel a lot more prepared to take on the day and conquer this crowded bridal show. You might even find it easier to communicate your wedding style to vendors and connect with them on a more personal level.
  1. Create an Email
    Logistically, creating your own separate email address for all wedding planning business is super important. It’ll keep everything organized and separate from your other emails that flood your regular address. It’ll also make sure nothing slips through the cracks or gets lost in the sea of your unread messages. This new wedding email can be given out to all vendors from here on out!
  1. Take Pictures
    What better way to keep track of vendors and their work? Taking pictures of that beautiful cake or floral arrangement is probably the easiest way to ensure you don’t forget about it when you leave the bridal show. Even if you don’t end up hiring that vendor, you at least have a picture to show what styles and colors you like. Think of it as creating a bridal show Pinterest board!
  1. Don’t Forget the Labels
    We think this last tip is pretty ingenious! If you’ve ever been to a bridal show, you know that just about every vendor table you visit will want you to fill out a card with your information. Next thing you know, you’re spending way too much time filling out your name and contact information over and over. Trust me, it gets old really fast. Save yourself some time, and create your own contact information label stickers at home. There are plenty of templates out there that’ll allow you to type up these labels fairly quickly. Just don’t forget to use that wedding email address we talked about before!

Once you try out these tips on that next bridal show, you’ll feel like a pro in no time! Bridal shows could even transform from a dreaded chore to find vendors into a fun date with your fiancé or bridesmaids! Don’t forget to be creative with it, enjoy the process and take a moment to really appreciate the engaged season that you are in.

Minted Tutorial

By | Ruthe Tuesdays

Once you set your wedding date and got a handle on who you want to invite, I’d say the most exciting moments of planning your big day is choosing your invitations. This piece of mail is something that all of your guests will see! It describes you, your fiancé, your personality, and what they can look forward to in regards to your day. So don’t be afraid to get creative with it! One of our favorite ways to get creative is by utilizing Minted. This online shop allows you to create fully customizable wedding invitations, suites, and other wedding papers you might need. They even provide you with a free wedding website that matches your invitations completely. We thought we’d just share a quick tutorial with you on how this process works.

Step 1:

While Minted offers a multitude of customizable paper goods for all kinds of events, you’re going to narrow down what you want to invest in for your wedding. Consider whether you want invitations and save the dates. Or perhaps you want to add in some RSVP cards and reception details? You might even decide investing in a full suite is best for you. Whatever it is, Minted has you covered!

Step 2:

Next is the fun part: deciding on your design! Minted allows you to browse their designs by color, theme, trends, or patterns. They have plenty of inspiration to get you started. Or, if you have your own design in mind, Minted will allow you to use their artists to design something totally custom and totally you. Some couples have even added a watercolor painting or silhouette of their venue onto their design! And of course you can add in your very own engagement pictures.

Step 3:

Once you’ve selected a design you feel great about, you can then make those fine-tuning adjustments. You can select different colors, fonts, and wording. Minted even has an advice section on their site to help brides determine proper invitation etiquette. In this step you will also select if you want custom envelopes, belly bands, stamps, vellum overlays or other extras. If you’re unsure of how much this will all cost you, they have a simple calculator on the right side of the screen to help you determine what you want to invest in.

Step 4:

We think this next step is pretty cool because now you get to order free samples! Yep, free! Minted will send you your invitation in the mail so you can see it up close, feel it in your hands, and decide what further edits need to be made. This takes the worry out of ordering over a hundred custom invitations!

Step 5:

Alright you got your free sample, you love how it looks, and now it’s time to finalize your guest list. Go back to your profile and saved design. Enter in all of the guests and their addresses into their address book feature. And guess what? Minted gives you free recipient addressing on all your envelopes! Now your invitations are looking fab and ready to send!

Step 6:

This step is easy: simply place your order! It’ll be a great feeling getting that checked off your list as well! And if you decide later on that you need more paper goods like menus, place cards, table numbers or programs, you can always come back!

We hope this tutorial helped you navigate through wedding invitations. It doesn’t have to be a stressful process. Make it fun with online ordering and Minted!