Vendors Tell All: Interview with Tami from The Blooming Bride

By February 23, 2021 Ruthe Tuesdays

If you are a DFW bride in the market for a phenomenal florist, we have got you covered! The Blooming Bride will provide you with the flowers of your dreams, stress free, regardless of your budget.

We had the honor of speaking with Tami, the owner of The Blooming Bride and she gave us some great information and advice. Whether you’re still searching for the perfect florist, already have someone you love, or you’re newly engaged and haven’t even thought about flowers yet, you’ll love hearing what Tami had to say!

First, a little about yourself…

Tell us about your business and what you have to offer

We do flowers for all kinds of special events and parties, but we primarily focus on weddings. We are located in Fort Worth, so our concentration is the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but we do travel all over Texas. Our main goal is to make our clients happy!

How long have you been in the business?

I am a second generation florist so I have been doing this for 25+ years, but I have been focused on wedding florals for about 12-15 years. So, a long time!

How did you get into the business?

Growing up, my mom was a delivery driver for a local florist and after school I would go help her with the deliveries. Eventually, she opened up her own floral business in the 90s. That’s when I really started to learn the craft. I didn’t see myself doing this as a career, I actually had my sights set on photography. I mean, it took me a year to learn how to tie a bow. But I fell in love with it and here I am, over 25 years later!

My mother pushed me to invent my own ways of doing things and I have always really appreciated that. It instilled so much creativity in my work.

What is your favorite part about the job?

Wedding day – no doubt. Particularly, handing the bride her bouquet on her wedding day. I always say that brides are in their “wedding bubble” on the day of, and when we hand them that bouquet, we get to step into that bubble for a minute. You can see their faces light up and it makes it all seem real when they have the bouquet in their hands. It is just a really beautiful moment.

A little about your business…

What is the average size of weddings you do?

We don’t typically focus on huge weddings, but we can if that is what our client wants. Our weddings usually average around 20-30 tables, but we can do more and we can do less. We always want to work within our client’s budget. I think the largest wedding we’ve done so far was 42 tables.

How far in advance do you generally like couples to book you?

The further the better! We usually like to book at least 6 months out, but we average around 6-9 months out. The further out you book, the more likely your date will be available and you will have more freedom to order specialty items. We have, however, done some decent sized weddings in as little as 2-3 weeks. We strongly advise against that, though.

Do you require a minimum floral budget?

No, we do not require a minimum budget. However, we can’t always work with an extremely small budget. For instance, it is really hard to do just a single bouquet. The cost involved might be double what you would pay for a bouquet if you also did more bouquets plus centerpieces. Typically, we have to order flowers in bulk so it will be cheaper per item if you have more items. It all depends on scheduling and inventory, but my philosophy is “If I can, I will.” I never want to exclude people who don’t want to or can’t spend that much.

What kind of arrangements do you offer? (bouquets, arches, crowns, etc.)

You name it, we can do it! We’ve done anything from bouquets and centerpieces to flower crowns and huge floral arches.

How long do you generally need to set up? 

It varies, depending on the size and complexity of the arrangements. On average, it only takes us about an hour but with larger, more intricate arrangements it can take anywhere from 2-5 hours. We do not design on site, though.

What sets your business apart from other vendors in the industry?

I think there are 2 things that set our business apart and that’s our ability to work within a budget and our flexibility. We do not require a minimum budget and we do everything we can to bring our clients’ vision to reality, regardless of their financial situation. I also go out of my way to make sure I am available to clients whenever they need. I offer a lot of evening appointments because not everyone can take the whole day off for wedding planning.

Advice and opinions from a seasoned professional…

What is the biggest wedding day challenge as a florist?

Right now, COVID. With social distancing and masks, it adds a new layer of complexity to everything we do. Other than that, the only thing I can think of is hunger… sometimes I forget to bring a snack and it makes for a very long day. Oh, and tracking down the groomsmen!

What is your favorite trend in the industry right now?

I really love the looser trend right now. I am personally fond of the vintage look with a boho feel. The greenery and dried products add some texture but are still soft overall. It’s so beautiful and adds a nice element. We’re also starting to see more colorful palettes again, which I love. (Check out our Old Wedding Trends that are Making a Comeback in 2021 blog post to see what other trends we might see returning this year.)

Do you have any advice for couples when picking out flowers?

Don’t stress and don’t overthink! Trust your vendors – the good ones will do the work for you. Most importantly, PIN PIN PIN! Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to your wedding flowers. Pin things you like, and make specific notes about what you like about it. Also pin things you don’t like, even if you aren’t sure why you don’t like it. A good florist will be able to look at your Pinterest board and figure out your style based on your likes and dislikes you’ve pinned.

Tami at the Blooming Bride is AWESOME at what she does. We are so lucky that she shared some of her wisdom with us. If you’re a bride in Texas and you’re looking for a florist, we cannot recommend The Blooming Bride enough!


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