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Supporting Your Partner Through Wedding Stress: A Guide to Strengthening Your Bond

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Planning a wedding is an exciting but often overwhelming journey. As someone deeply invested in the relationship, you understand the importance of supporting your partner during this stressful time. Your role as a partner is not just to share in the joy of the occasion but also to be a pillar of strength when wedding planning becomes stressful. In this blog post, we will explore ways to help your partner navigate the challenges and stress that can come with wedding preparations.

Open and Honest Communication:
The foundation of any strong relationship is communication. Encourage your partner to express their thoughts, concerns, and even frustrations. Create a safe space where they can share their feelings without fear of judgment. Listen actively, validate their emotions, and offer your support. Sometimes, just talking about the stress can be incredibly therapeutic.

Share the Responsibilities:
Wedding planning can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to fall solely on your partner’s shoulders. Offer your assistance in various aspects of the planning process. Whether it’s researching vendors, creating a budget, or making decisions together, sharing the load can alleviate some of the stress.

Be Patient and Flexible:
Wedding plans often require flexibility, especially when unexpected challenges arise. Understand that things may not always go according to the initial plan. Be patient with your partner as they navigate these changes, and remind them that what truly matters is your commitment to each other, not the perfect execution of every detail.

Encourage Self-Care:

Amidst the wedding planning chaos, it’s crucial to prioritize self-care. Encourage your partner to take breaks, engage in activities they enjoys (like her hobbies, fashion, or reading), and spend quality time together as a couple. Taking time to relax and recharge can help reduce stress levels.

Offer Emotional Support:
Sometimes, your partner may need emotional support more than anything else. Reassure them of your love and commitment. Remind them that you are in this together, and your relationship is stronger than any wedding-related stress. Simple gestures like hugs, words of encouragement, and surprise acts of kindness can go a long way.

Seek Professional Help if Needed:
If wedding stress becomes overwhelming, don’t hesitate to suggest seeking professional assistance, such as a wedding planner. These experts can provide guidance and support to ensure the planning process remains manageable and enjoyable. 

Plan Relaxation Activities:
Incorporate relaxation activities into your routine to help both of you unwind. Consider scheduling a spa day, taking nature walks, or practicing meditation together. These activities can reduce stress and create cherished memories.

Wedding planning can be a challenging endeavor, but it’s also an opportunity to strengthen your bond as a couple. By providing emotional support, sharing responsibilities, and encouraging self-care, you can help your partner navigate wedding stress with grace. Remember that your love and commitment are what truly matter, and together, you can create a beautiful and memorable wedding day.

Navigating the Lone Star Love: What You Need to Know When Planning a Texas Wedding

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Navigating Lone Star Romance: What You Need to Know When Planning a Texas Wedding

Texas, with its vast landscapes and rich cultural heritage, provides the perfect backdrop for a wedding that embodies both southern charm and modern elegance. Planning a Texas wedding offers a unique blend of opportunities and considerations that cater to diverse tastes and styles. Whether you’re a local Texan or planning a destination wedding, here’s a guide to help you navigate the Lone Star state’s wedding scene and create an unforgettable celebration.

  1. Embrace the Scenic Diversity:

From rolling hill country to vibrant urban landscapes, Texas offers a plethora of stunning settings for your wedding day. Take into account the visual style you’re striving for – whether it’s the rustic charm of barn weddings in the hill country, the refined coastal elegance along the Gulf, or the chic blend of urban and suburban elements found in cities like our hometown, Grand Prairie. The key is to let the surroundings complement your chosen theme.

  1. Weather is King:

Texan weather can be as varied as its landscapes. With scorching summers and mild winters, it’s crucial to plan accordingly. For outdoor ceremonies, consider a comfortable time of day, and provide shade or heaters as needed. Always have a backup plan in case of unexpected rain, especially during the spring.

  1. Time Your Wedding Right:

The timing of your Texas wedding can greatly impact your experience and budget. Peak wedding seasons in Texas tend to be spring and fall when the weather is milder. Keep in mind that vendors and venues might be in high demand during these times, potentially affecting availability and prices. It’s always good to contact the venue in advance and inquire about the availability for your chosen date.

  1. Texan Cuisine Delights:

Texans take pride in their culinary traditions. Incorporate local flavors into your menu, whether it’s BBQ, Tex-Mex, or southern comfort food. Think about interactive food stations and signature cocktails that showcase the state’s culinary diversity.

  1. Southern Hospitality Shines:

Texans are known for their warm hospitality, so ensure that your wedding reflects this spirit. From personalized welcome bags for out-of-town guests to providing ample seating and shade during outdoor events, prioritize the comfort and enjoyment of your attendees.

  1. Dress the Part:

Embrace the Texan aesthetic with your attire. While a classic white wedding dress is always timeless, consider light and breathable fabrics to combat the heat. Grooms can opt for a stylish, lighter-colored suit, perfect for the Texas climate.

  1. Live Music Magic:

Music is an integral part of Texas culture. Incorporate live music into your wedding, whether it’s a country band, mariachi, or a soulful jazz ensemble. The right music will set the mood and create a memorable experience.

  1. Plan Ahead for Transportation:

Texas is known for its expansive landscapes, so transportation logistics are crucial, especially if your wedding events are spread out. Consider providing transportation options for your guests to ensure their convenience and safety.

  1. Cultural Influences:

With its rich blend of cultures, Texas offers an array of traditions and customs to draw inspiration from. Whether it’s a lively hora dance or a western-style hoedown, infusing cultural elements can make your wedding truly unique.

  1. Capture the Essence:

Choose a photographer and videographer who is local to the area of your venue and who also understands the essence of your Texas wedding. From sweeping outdoor shots to intimate indoor moments, they should be able to capture the diverse aspects of your celebration

We Have it All:
Nestled in the heart of Grand Prairie, the Ruthe Jackson Center stands as an exquisite venue that offers a multitude of advantages: 

Situated in a central location that ensures convenient accessibility for guests, coordinating transportation for your wedding events becomes a straightforward endeavor. With our venue located in the heart of an entertainment hub, planning ahead for transportation is an easy task. Guests can effortlessly access an array of cultural attractions, entertainment options, and a diverse selection of dining restaurants, making their overall experience truly exceptional.

When it comes to catering, our diverse menu options are a true delight, featuring a delectable array of choices ranging from Tex-Mex dishes to barbecue to the heartwarming comfort of southern cuisine. From our late night taco station to our Mango Brisket hor d’orves, we’ve got numerous Texan-inspired bites that’s sure to delight your guests’ palate and create a memorable experience.

Our strong connection with local vendors, such as florists, photographers, and live bands, ensures a seamless and tailored experience for every event. 

One of our unique strengths lies in our seasoned coordinators who bring years of expertise to the table, skillfully curating events that exceed expectations.

What sets us apart is our versatility with weather – whether it’s an indoor affair graced by elegant interiors or an outdoor celebration embraced by picturesque landscapes, we have you covered–even on rainy occasions. At the Ruthe Jackson Center, we take pride in offering a complete package that makes every occasion truly memorable.

Vendors Tell All: Interview with The Flower Market on 7th

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If you’re like us, having beautiful blooms at your special event is a top priority. They can really bring a ceremony, reception, or really any function to life! That’s why visiting The Flower Market on 7th in Fort Worth was such a treat for us. We could tell this family has a true passion for flowers, their business, and their customers. With a wide selection of unique stems, multiple package options, and incredibly educated staff, it was a no-brainer we had to connect with this shop. And we hope you’ll love them as much as we do! 

Market History 

This Fort Worth gem had humble beginnings as a small, family company operating out of a garage in the 80’s. Because of their diligent work, a caring heart for each and every customer, and their procurement of only the best Holland flowers, it wasn’t a surprise that they soon sprouted out of the garage and into many storefronts across Texas. Today you can find this business in Austin, San Antonio, and of course, Fort Worth. 

The Flower Market Difference

So many aspects of this flower shop stood out to us! While we were there, we learned just how the Flower Market on 7th differed from the competition. 

First, they never lost sight of their roots! This company was started by a family and it continues to operate in that way even as it has grown. One of the co-owners of the Fort Worth shop, Brenna noted, “I grew up running through the freezer and playing with the flowers. And now our son is here.” 

This value for family translates very well to their customers as they make client education a huge priority. They want to make sure that brides are educated on flower selection, flower investment, potential obstacles in their design choices, and even how to be a DIY bride! They see that each bride has a family, a story, and a vision. And they want to make sure to take care of each bride as how they would treat their own family.

Speaking of DIY, this is a third difference to the flower shop. Customers have the option to buy the flower market’s supplies and blooms while the bride makes her own arrangements. This is a perfect option for those price-conscious brides that don’t mind putting in a little work. Customers will receive a 40% off bulk discount along with access to their design room and cooler storage. They even offer flower classes to help kickstart the process! However, for those brides that want to entrust their floral design to the professionals, they still offer complete design services. We loved learning how there was truly an option for every budget!

Lastly, you can be assured that The Flower Market on 7th is sourcing the very best product for their customers. Since they import from Holland, the quality of blooms are going to be 10x better than what is found in typical grocery stores. They also noted that they keep a great relationship with the farms they are buying from. Often those vendors will reach out to Brenna and give her shop first dibs on the current, hot commodity bloom! Which means their brides are getting first dibs too! 

From Insights To Advice

Our interview continued as we asked co-owners Brenna and Lauren to share not only the essential insights about their business, but also valuable advice for couples in search of the perfect blooms for their big day. 

What are the pros and cons of DIY flowers versus hiring a florist for your wedding?

Lauren: When it comes to DIY flowers, the pros are definitely saving money and having more control over the design process. However, you need to plan and execute everything yourself, and labor can be quite demanding. 

On the other hand, hiring a florist offers the advantage of having everything taken care of for you. From picking out the flowers to event design, florists handle the intricate details so you can focus on enjoying your day. Although you will have less control over every detail, a florist will provide all the expertise and knowledge to bring your vision to life and personalize the design that uniquely conveys who you are and your story. The only con might be a slightly higher cost, as you’re paying for their expertise, labor, and sourcing of high-quality flowers. 

How far out should a bride book your services for her wedding?

Brenna: For ordering and handling DIY flowers, the latest would be two weeks in advance. If you decide to hire us as your designer, the latest would be about four weeks before your wedding date. However, sooner is always better to ensure your date is on our calendar! This is especially true in Texas peak wedding season months like April/May and October/November. 

What is your favorite part about the job?

Brenna: Personally, I find immense satisfaction in helping our clients not only obtain those beautiful, expensive flowers but also save money at the same time. 

Lauren: Additionally, we have great relationships with our farms, so they often reach out to us with deals. We, in turn, give our brides the first opportunity to grab those deals.

What is the biggest wedding day challenge as a florist?

Lauren: Sometimes, challenges arise on the day of the wedding, like vendors running late or encountering unexpected issues with the venue. One specific challenge is collaborating with the bride’s DIY projects or other vendor’s contributions and ensuring that our designs can cooperate and align seamlessly with the overall vision. We’ve always made it work and prepared for any obstacles.

How would you describe your style of floristry?

Lauren: Our business leans towards the trendy and garden-style aesthetic versus a traditional floral design. This style mimics the natural, organic appearance of flowers and foliage as they would appear in a lush garden and often includes a mix of flowers and greenery arranged in a way that appears freshly picked. 

Lastly, do you have any advice for couples when picking out flowers?

Lauren and Brenna: Hopping on Pinterest is a great resource to explore flower seasonality and gather ideas. You can find numerous boards showcasing different flower varieties that are in season around your wedding day. This will also help you visualize how various blooms could come together in your arrangements. 

Be flexible with your stem selection! Not every flower is in season at the time of your event. We will always give you recommendations for alternative flowers that look similar to what you want, but that are still in season. This will be more affordable for you and it will ensure you’re getting the freshest blooms! 

Our visit to the Flower Market on 7th really brought to life the intricate art of wedding floristry. Whether you’re drawn to the process of DIY or the expertise of a florist, their insights are certainly invaluable as you plan your big day. Take it from us, you’ll definitely want to meet with this family business yourself!

Visit their website

To Elope or Embrace Tradition: Making the Right Choice for Your Wedding

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Embarking on your wedding journey is a thrilling experience, filled with decisions that will shape your special day. As you explore various options, three distinct paths emerge:, embracing the intimacy of an elopement or celebrating at a venue like the Ruthe Jackson Center. Let’s delve into the unique charms of each choice, while highlighting the unique benefits that the Ruthe Jackson Center brings to the table.

Elopement: The advantages

Elopements have become synonymous with intimacy and romance. For couples seeking to exchange vows in a private and meaningful manner, eloping offers an opportunity to focus solely on the love they share. Whether it’s on a serene mountaintop, a picturesque beach, or a hidden garden, elopements provide a chance to escape the bustling world and declare your commitment in a deeply personal way.

Less Stress: Traditional wedding planning can be overwhelming, but elopements simplify the process. There’s no need to navigate guest lists, seating arrangements, or elaborate decorations.

Intimate Moments: Elopements provide an opportunity for couples to share their most intimate moments with only a select few witnesses. This can enhance the emotional depth of the experience.

Cost-Efficiency: Eloping is often more budget-friendly than traditional weddings, as it eliminates many of the expenses associated with larger ceremonies and receptions.

Location Flexibility: You can choose to elope virtually anywhere – from a scenic mountaintop to a quiet beach – allowing you to select a location that holds personal significance.

The Ruthe Jackson Center Difference

While elopements offer unique advantages, the Ruthe Jackson Center brings together the best of all worlds. Its luxurious setting provides the perfect blend of intimacy and elegance. The dedicated team ensures that your wedding is a personalized masterpiece, reflecting your preferences while elevating every aspect to a level of refinement that only a dedicated event venue can offer.

Expertise in Event Coordination: Planning a wedding is no small feat, and the Ruthe Jackson Center excels in providing expert event coordination. From pre-wedding consultations to seamless execution on the big day, their experienced team ensures that every aspect is flawlessly managed. This allows you to focus on what truly matters – celebrating your love and making memories.

Ample Space for Guests and Activities: One of the standout advantages of the Ruthe Jackson Center is its spaciousness. With multiple event rooms and a capacity to accommodate a wide range of guest sizes, you can welcome your loved ones comfortably. Whether you envision an intimate gathering or a larger celebration, the center offers the flexibility to cater to your needs.

The Perfect Backdrop for Captivating Moments: Imagine saying your vows against a backdrop of sophisticated elegance. The Ruthe Jackson Center provides stunning settings for your ceremony and reception, ensuring that your wedding photos exude both romance and grandeur.

Embrace the Best of Both Worlds: Ultimately, the choice between eloping and the Ruthe Jackson Center depends on your preferences. While eloping is steeped in sentimental value, the center provides the platform to turn your dream wedding into a reality, surrounded by opulence and tailored services.

Your wedding day is a reflection of your love story and the journey you’ve embarked upon. Whether you choose the grandeur of the Ruthe Jackson Center or the intimacy of an elopement, each option offers a distinct path to crafting a day that’s uniquely yours. As you make this pivotal decision, consider the feelings you wish to evoke, the memories you want to create, and the legacy you want to leave behind. The choice is yours, and the possibilities are boundless.

From Vows to Ventures: Creative Wedding Departure Ideas

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Your wedding day is a culmination of love, dreams, and celebration, and as the sun sets on this special occasion, a grand departure marks the beginning of your journey as a married couple. The Ruthe Jackson Center in Grand Prairie, TX, offers a stunning backdrop for your wedding, and it’s essential to bid farewell to your guests in style. From romantic vintage getaways to dazzling sparkler send-offs, here are some wedding day grand departure ideas that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Vintage Car Charm:
Experience a charming journey through time with a vintage car departure for you and your partner. Picture both of you stepping into a classic convertible, surrounded by warmth as your beloved guests shower you with love and well-wishes. The classic allure of a vintage car embodies the elegance of a past era, bringing a touch of grace to your exit. This thoughtfully chosen departure option reflects your style, and as you drive into the night, an air of sophistication will linger in the memories of all who witness this remarkable moment.

Glowing Sparkler Send-Off:
For a magical departure, consider a sparkler send-off. As you prepare for your grand departure, have the venue staff, your bridal party, or your family members hand out sparklers to your guests and create a tunnel of light for you and your spouse to walk through. The twinkling sparklers will not only light up the night but also symbolize the bright future ahead of you.

Petal Toss:
Capture the essence of joy and new beginnings with a petal toss wedding exit. As you and your groom, now pronounce as newlyweds, step into your journey together,  your friends and family will be waiting outside the venue ready to shower you with delicate petals, which symbolizes love, good wishes, and a colorful path ahead. You may use plain white flower petals or have the petals match your wedding theme. This is a magical moment that colors the air with happiness, creating lasting memories and stunning photographs. 

Charming Bubble Exit:
Bring a touch of childhood joy to your grand departure by having your guests blow bubbles as you exit. The iridescent bubbles will create a whimsical and light atmosphere, resulting in beautiful photographs that capture the essence of your happiness.

Your wedding day is brimming with emotions, and the grand departure holds a special place in hearts. The Ruthe Jackson Center in Grand Prairie, TX, sets the stage for enchanting moments. As you bid farewell to loved ones and embrace the night, these departure ideas guarantee an unforgettable, timeless wedding memory.

A Dreamy Wedding Affair: Embracing Pantone’s Color of the Year

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Planning a wedding can be both thrilling and overwhelming, as you strive to create a celebration that perfectly reflects your love story and unique style. One delightful way to infuse your big day with creativity and elegance is by incorporating Pantone’s Color of the Year. Each year, Pantone’s experts select a hue that symbolizes trends, emotions, and inspirations. This blog will be your ultimate guide to using Pantone’s Color of the Year to craft a memorable, trendsetting wedding that will leave guests in awe.

Pantone’s Color of the Year – The Heart of Your Wedding Palette

Before diving into the wedding inspiration and tips, let’s explore the color that will take center stage: Viva Magenta 18-1750. Whether it’s a classic, vibrant, or soothing tone, Pantone’s selection has the power to influence design and fashion trends across various industries, including weddings.

Embrace the vivacious charm of Pantone’s color of the year, Viva Magenta, as it bursts forth with boundless energy and enthusiasm. This shade, inspired by the warmth of nature and deriving its essence from the red family, embodies a fresh, invigorating strength. Viva Magenta is a daring and courageous color, pulsating with life, destined to infuse your wedding celebration with joy and an unwavering sense of optimism. Its lively spirit will set the stage for a wedding narrative that dares to be different, crafting a day of love and unity filled with vibrant memories.

Color Palette and Decor

Once you’ve embraced Viva Magenta, it’s time to curate a complementary color palette that will set the tone for your wedding. Consider the following tips:

  1. Contrasting Accents: If you’re feeling bold, pair the color of the year with striking complementary colors, creating eye-catching accents in your floral arrangements, table settings, and invitations. To inspire your creative journey, I’ve included some color palettes below.
  2. Nature’s Influence: Take inspiration from nature by incorporating seasonal blooms and foliage that resonate with the color of the year, establishing an organic and authentic vibe. Consider incorporating hibiscus flowers, which beautifully capture the essence of this vibrant hue.
  3. Linens and Textiles: Experiment with linens and textiles in Viva Magenta to add depth and texture to your wedding decor. From table runners to drapery, these elements can enhance the overall aesthetic.

Invitations and Stationery

Your wedding invitations serve as the first glimpse into your special day, so let Viva Magenta set the mood and tone for your wedding.

  1. Elegant Invites: Opt for sophisticated and chic stationery designs that feature the color. Combine it with elegant typography and textures for a polished look.
  2. Envelope Liners: Add a touch of surprise by lining your envelopes with paper in Viva Magenta. This small detail will make your invitations feel luxurious and unique.

Fashion and Attire

Your wedding attire is a fantastic opportunity to showcase Pantone’s Color of the Year in a way that reflects your personal style.

  1. Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Dress your bridesmaids in gowns that highlight the color while keeping the silhouette flattering for all body types.
  2. Groom and Groomsmen: Incorporate the color into the groom and groomsmen’s attire through boutonnieres, ties, pocket squares, or socks.
  3. Bridal Accessories: For the fashion-forward bride, consider adding pops of the color to your bridal look with accessories like shoes, hairpieces, or jewelry.

Ceremony and Reception

Infuse your wedding ceremony and reception with creative elements that celebrate Viva Magenta.

  1. Floral Arrangements: Work with your florist to design breathtaking bouquets and centerpieces that showcase the Color of the Year’s beauty.
  2. Tablescapes: Elevate your dining experience by incorporating the color into your table settings, napkins, and glassware.
  3. Lighting: Use uplighting to enhance the ambiance and further highlight the chosen color. Warm up the space with golden tones or embrace a contemporary feel with cool lighting.
  4. Guest Experience: Indulge your guests in a delightful experience by weaving the color of the year into every aspect of your celebration. From the enchanting wedding cake to a delectable dessert bar, from photo booth props filled with charm to creatively crafted drinks, infusing the color of the year will leave your guests with cherished memories of a truly wonderful and vibrant wedding.

Incorporating Pantone’s Color of the Year into your wedding can elevate your special day from beautiful to breathtaking. From decor to fashion and everything in between, let this trending color be the inspiration that unifies your wedding celebration. Embrace the Color of the Year with your unique style, and you’ll create an unforgettable wedding that will be remembered for years to come. Happy planning!

Healthy Relationships and the Holidays

By | Ruthe Tuesdays

With all the rush of the holiday season it’s easy to get distracted from what really matters. Your relationships should be your number one priority always and especially during a season that should bring families together.

  • Make time for each other’s families

You and your spouse should decide on ways to spend time with each other’s family equally. This will look different for everybody but it may be by splitting holidays between families. This could be spending lunch with one side and dinner with the other or Christmas eve with one and Christmas morning with the other. With good communication, you and your spouse will soon find what works best for the both of you.

  • Understand it’s okay to break traditions


Tradition can be tricky especially if it becomes a point of conflict. Say one of you has a holiday tradition that the other doesn’t like or interferes with one of their own. The way to approach this is with an attitude of respect. Respect each other’s traditions and understand that it may be something your spouse feels is incredibly important. Although it may be important, you two as a couple also need to learn to compromise. Make sure to validate each other’s feelings and always try to include the other person first.

  • Make your own traditions


As a couple you are breaking off from your families and becoming a family of your own. As a family, try to create your own traditions during the holiday season. Some ideas can include seeing Christmas lights, decorating a tree together, cooking a special meal, or even having a Christmas movie marathon. Allow the season to be special to you two as a couple and make new memories together.

With communication, understanding, and respect the hustle and bustle of the holidays will become a breeze to you and your spouse! Work together and enjoy this special season together. Happy holidays from the Ruthe Jackson Center!

Christmas Weddings That Aren’t Tacky

By | Ruthe Tuesdays

Your December wedding doesn’t have to scream Christmas, here’s how to have a magical winter wedding without turning tacky!

You aren’t confined to only red and green! Red and green may be the staple colors for christmas, but those aren’t your only options. Neutral tones paired with the right accents can get your guests in the holiday spirit just as effectively. Traditionally “Christmas themed” decor such as pine cones and branches can be an excellent garnish to any December wedding and pull together your theme without the use of red and green. Just like any other florals, you can use them alongside candles in your centerpieces.

If you are set on red and green, there are plenty of ways to incorporate it seamlessly! Choosing either darker or lighter hues of red and green instead of primary shades can add a new level of elegance to your wedding. Forest green with maroon or sage and blush red are adorable and much easier to work with.

The perfect place to solidify your Christmas theme is on your menus and invitations. Whether it be with mistletoe in your wax seal, or a red satin ribbon, there are endless possibilities when it comes to your stationary. Small details like these are what can set your big day apart from all the others.

We hope you’re able to make your big day fit into the holidays seamlessly with these tips!

Rain in the Forecast? Don’t Panic!

By | Ruthe Tuesdays

Rain, rain, GO AWAY! Seriously…no one wants rain on their wedding day. Especially if you’re planning an outdoor ceremony. But, if you see rain on the forecast, there’s no reason to panic. In fact, they say rain on your wedding day is good luck! That probably doesn’t completely calm your nerves so we have some tips and tricks to ensure your wedding day goes smoothly, rain or shine.

  • Talk to your venue.

If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony and/or reception, weather is a huge factor. Talking to your venue (the earlier the better) about their contingency plan will help put your mind at ease if weather becomes an issue. Some venues have an alternate indoor ceremony location, some can flip the reception space to hold both the ceremony and reception, some have the room to put up a tent if that’s the direction you want to go. It is best to know these things ahead of time so you’re not stressed at the last minute. Here are the top 5 questions to ask while venue shopping (spoiler alert: “What is your backup plan?” is one of them.)

  • Keep your guests comfortable.

Rain or shine, you want your guests to have a good time. Supplying umbrellas, blankets, towels, etc. will allow your guests to be comfortable even if they’re exposed to the elements. You can also add some hot drinks to the menu like coffee or hot cider. A warm cup of Joe can make a rainy day a lot cozier.

  • Make the most of it.

Rain doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Some of the most amazing pictures have come from a rainy photoshoot. Ask any photographer, the lighting is perfect on an overcast day. Plus, umbrellas make for a super cute photo op. Your wedding day photos will be unique and memorable. It’s one of those “we’ll look back on this and laugh” kind of moments. Not to mention, a kiss in the rain? SO romantic!

Rain on your wedding day is no reason to panic. There are practical ways to stay dry, but also fun ways to embrace it! Hopefully these tips will help calm your nerves and make for a romantic, rainy day to remember.

Brides Tell All: Shavonne & Justin’s Wedding

By | Ruthe Tuesdays

The Details

  • Bride: Shavonne
  • Groom: Justin
  • Venue: Ruthe Jackson Center
  • Wedding date: February 27, 2021

Questions for the Bride

How did you and your husband meet?

We met at an adult small group at church.


How did he propose?

He actually proposed on Christmas day, in front of both of our families while we were opening gifts that morning.


What was your favorite part of the wedding day?

My favorite part of the wedding day was after ceremony, right before our Grand Entrance. At that point it was just a huge sigh of relief seeing that everything we had planned had come together and I could finally just relax and enjoy.

What was the most stressful part of the planning process?

Probably COVID. We want back and forth between postponing or not, then when we finally decided to just limit our guest count that made things super stressful because we didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.


How long was the planning process for you?

14 months – Christmas of 2019 to February of 2021


Did everything go exactly as planned on your wedding day?

For the most part, yes. The only thing we didn’t end up having time for was the bouquet toss, which I was okay with. Overall, I had no complaints. I was so stressed beforehand but everything went really smoothly on our wedding day. It was really a perfect day!

Is there anything you would have done differently?

The only thing I would have done differently was add a videographer. I didn’t think it was going to make a big difference but even on that day, I was thinking it would have been nice to have one.


What made you choose the RJC?

One of the main reasons we chose the Ruthe Jackson Center was because we didn’t have to search for any outside vendors like catering, security, bartenders, etc. We liked that we could do it all through the venue. Also, at first our guest list was huge (close to 300) and the RJC was able to accommodate that. We also really liked how easy communication was from the very beginning. It was such a smooth process, they were very thorough, and I felt comfortable the whole time. We just loved the whole ambiance. In fact, I didn’t originally want an outdoor ceremony but I changed my mind after I saw the Garden. The Bridal Suite was also a plus.


Actually, my fiancé (now husband) fell in love with the venue too and he is not usually very easy to impress!


Advice for couples planning their wedding?

Try to enjoy the experience! I was so stressed from the day I started planning to the day of the wedding. My advice is to take it all in because wedding day goes by so fast. Oh, and get a videographer!

Shavonne and Justin’s wedding was gorgeous and we were so glad to have them at the Ruthe Jackson Center! If you’re looking for a Dallas-Fort Worth wedding venue, call or stop by to schedule a tour. We will do everything in our power to make sure your day is as perfect as Shavonne and Justin’s.