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If you’re like us, having beautiful blooms at your special event is a top priority. They can really bring a ceremony, reception, or really any function to life! That’s why visiting The Flower Market on 7th in Fort Worth was such a treat for us. We could tell this family has a true passion for flowers, their business, and their customers. With a wide selection of unique stems, multiple package options, and incredibly educated staff, it was a no-brainer we had to connect with this shop. And we hope you’ll love them as much as we do! 

Market History 

This Fort Worth gem had humble beginnings as a small, family company operating out of a garage in the 80’s. Because of their diligent work, a caring heart for each and every customer, and their procurement of only the best Holland flowers, it wasn’t a surprise that they soon sprouted out of the garage and into many storefronts across Texas. Today you can find this business in Austin, San Antonio, and of course, Fort Worth. 

The Flower Market Difference

So many aspects of this flower shop stood out to us! While we were there, we learned just how the Flower Market on 7th differed from the competition. 

First, they never lost sight of their roots! This company was started by a family and it continues to operate in that way even as it has grown. One of the co-owners of the Fort Worth shop, Brenna noted, “I grew up running through the freezer and playing with the flowers. And now our son is here.” 

This value for family translates very well to their customers as they make client education a huge priority. They want to make sure that brides are educated on flower selection, flower investment, potential obstacles in their design choices, and even how to be a DIY bride! They see that each bride has a family, a story, and a vision. And they want to make sure to take care of each bride as how they would treat their own family.

Speaking of DIY, this is a third difference to the flower shop. Customers have the option to buy the flower market’s supplies and blooms while the bride makes her own arrangements. This is a perfect option for those price-conscious brides that don’t mind putting in a little work. Customers will receive a 40% off bulk discount along with access to their design room and cooler storage. They even offer flower classes to help kickstart the process! However, for those brides that want to entrust their floral design to the professionals, they still offer complete design services. We loved learning how there was truly an option for every budget!

Lastly, you can be assured that The Flower Market on 7th is sourcing the very best product for their customers. Since they import from Holland, the quality of blooms are going to be 10x better than what is found in typical grocery stores. They also noted that they keep a great relationship with the farms they are buying from. Often those vendors will reach out to Brenna and give her shop first dibs on the current, hot commodity bloom! Which means their brides are getting first dibs too! 

From Insights To Advice

Our interview continued as we asked co-owners Brenna and Lauren to share not only the essential insights about their business, but also valuable advice for couples in search of the perfect blooms for their big day. 

What are the pros and cons of DIY flowers versus hiring a florist for your wedding?

Lauren: When it comes to DIY flowers, the pros are definitely saving money and having more control over the design process. However, you need to plan and execute everything yourself, and labor can be quite demanding. 

On the other hand, hiring a florist offers the advantage of having everything taken care of for you. From picking out the flowers to event design, florists handle the intricate details so you can focus on enjoying your day. Although you will have less control over every detail, a florist will provide all the expertise and knowledge to bring your vision to life and personalize the design that uniquely conveys who you are and your story. The only con might be a slightly higher cost, as you’re paying for their expertise, labor, and sourcing of high-quality flowers. 

How far out should a bride book your services for her wedding?

Brenna: For ordering and handling DIY flowers, the latest would be two weeks in advance. If you decide to hire us as your designer, the latest would be about four weeks before your wedding date. However, sooner is always better to ensure your date is on our calendar! This is especially true in Texas peak wedding season months like April/May and October/November. 

What is your favorite part about the job?

Brenna: Personally, I find immense satisfaction in helping our clients not only obtain those beautiful, expensive flowers but also save money at the same time. 

Lauren: Additionally, we have great relationships with our farms, so they often reach out to us with deals. We, in turn, give our brides the first opportunity to grab those deals.

What is the biggest wedding day challenge as a florist?

Lauren: Sometimes, challenges arise on the day of the wedding, like vendors running late or encountering unexpected issues with the venue. One specific challenge is collaborating with the bride’s DIY projects or other vendor’s contributions and ensuring that our designs can cooperate and align seamlessly with the overall vision. We’ve always made it work and prepared for any obstacles.

How would you describe your style of floristry?

Lauren: Our business leans towards the trendy and garden-style aesthetic versus a traditional floral design. This style mimics the natural, organic appearance of flowers and foliage as they would appear in a lush garden and often includes a mix of flowers and greenery arranged in a way that appears freshly picked. 

Lastly, do you have any advice for couples when picking out flowers?

Lauren and Brenna: Hopping on Pinterest is a great resource to explore flower seasonality and gather ideas. You can find numerous boards showcasing different flower varieties that are in season around your wedding day. This will also help you visualize how various blooms could come together in your arrangements. 

Be flexible with your stem selection! Not every flower is in season at the time of your event. We will always give you recommendations for alternative flowers that look similar to what you want, but that are still in season. This will be more affordable for you and it will ensure you’re getting the freshest blooms! 

Our visit to the Flower Market on 7th really brought to life the intricate art of wedding floristry. Whether you’re drawn to the process of DIY or the expertise of a florist, their insights are certainly invaluable as you plan your big day. Take it from us, you’ll definitely want to meet with this family business yourself!

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