Tips for the Budget-Friendly Bride

By December 24, 2019 Ruthe Tuesdays

If you’re like me, you’ve been thinking about your wedding day since you were 6 years old. While it’s been a far off vision, you haven’t stopped planning it in your head…or on Pinterest. Now you’re engaged and that vision is quickly becoming a reality! But your fairytale wedding with extravagant florals in an England mansion venue doesn’t come cheap. You and your fiancé have to start getting real creative to afford the wedding of your dreams! I’m here to tell you that thinking about the small things really do add up. You can stand to save a lot of extra cash by following some of these budget-friendly tips.

Pick a less than popular date:

Since picking a venue is one of the first things on your wedding planning to-do list, you have to consider picking a date that is not during peak wedding season. Some venues might offer discounts to couples that book their date during slow months. See if a January-March date works for you and your family. Or maybe a weekend in August? Perhaps you and your fiancé are even open to picking a week day for your event. You will be happy to see a huge price difference in the quote you receive from venues.

Keep your eyes peeled for promos:

Wedding vendors constantly advertise sales, discounts, and promotions. The best way to keep up with this? Follow their social media accounts! Find a few promising vendors you like and don’t forget to check back with them regularly for sales. Some vendors even host social media giveaways for free or discounted products and services. It never hurts to try and win! Additionally, you can sign yourself up for a few local bridal shows. Vendors often slash their prices for brides that commit to them at the show.

Save the trees:

Ordering printed menus on beautiful stationary is definitely Pinterest-worthy, but is it really necessary? Save the paper and the cash: say no to menus. Instead, post your dinner menu on your wedding website or have it displayed on a single acrylic sign at the reception. Speaking of stationary, you can save even more of your budget by simply addressing your invitations yourself. Get your bridesmaids together for a wine and invitation party! You’d be surprised how much cash will stay in your pocket.

Less is more:

Flowers can be another huge item on your list. While I am a huge lover of grand flower arrangements and archways, it might not always be practical for everyone. Consider sticking to one large statement arrangement and a few smaller flowers everywhere else. Or perhaps you can reuse your ceremony flowers and bouquets for the reception space. Placing those arrangements near the bar, on the cake table, or the sweetheart table can really make a difference. Whatever arrangements you choose, make sure you are selecting flowers that are in season! Don’t pay the hefty price tag for those flowers that are hard to get at the time of your wedding.

Think of the children:

Lastly, if you’re having children at your wedding, don’t pay for additional plated, four course meals. Ask your venue if they have kid’s menu options at a more affordable rate. Plus, those options will probably be more popular among the kiddos rather than your steak dinner and shrimp cocktail. If you’re reading this and you’re an RJC bride, we even have a special space just for the kids. We’ve had babysitting companies and even bounce houses entertain the kids while you dance the night away with your new husband.

When you’re planning a wedding on a budget, and most all weddings have a budget, it goes without saying that you need to stick to the budget. I firmly believe you can have the wedding of your dreams and be financially stable at the same time! Thinking through each wedding purchase and following money-saving tips is sometimes all it will take. And if you’re ever caught in a bind or need extra advice, don’t hesitate to reach out. Best of wishes to you always!


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