The Perfect Boho Chic Wedding

By March 3, 2020 Ruthe Tuesdays

For those of you that attended our latest RJC Bridal Show on February 18th, you know we created a boho chic look for everything we decorated. We were inspired by the many weddings we’ve seen embracing this style. But we knew we wanted to put our own flare to it as well. So we’ve put together a few tips to recreate this look for your own special day!

  • The Florals

Our whole inspiration originated from the florals we knew we wanted to use. I say florals, but in fact, they weren’t really florals…we used grass! I have been obsessed with the look of pampas grass for a long time now and I just couldn’t envision our 2020 bridal show without it! While the look was gorgeous, it did take us a while to find them. Pampas grass usually isn’t in season around February, so we paid a pretty penny for the ones we finally found. My tip to you is to make sure it’s in season at the time of your wedding. To compliment the pampas grass, we also chose to use palm leaves painted gold. Yes, we spray painted leaves to create this look! Lastly, to create beautiful centerpieces, we chose to use burnt orange roses and white orchids.

  • Elevate your Boho!

Because we realized our venue is a traditional ballroom, we knew we couldn’t pull off the typical boho look. We needed to elevate it in order for it to make sense. In other words, we had to make boho and pampas grass look formal and elegant. That’s why we ditched the typical, rustic, wooden farm table for a beautiful, classy glass table. This long, rectangle table was perfect for our wedding party table display. The table had this beautiful gold trim with gold legs. We rented three of these elegant pieces and instantly it created an elevated boho look! We continued by adding gold Chiavari chairs, gold chargers and flatware, French blue napkins and white furs. We fell in love with how this style instantly clicked with our venue.

  • The Cherry on Top

Once we had our main focal points designed, we continued to carry out our theme throughout the rest of the show. One ways we did this was by asking our favorite cake decorator, Matthew from Cake-a-holics, to create that trendy, black wedding cake. The result blew us away! We loved the black cake with gold trim and florals. We only hope our future RJC brides will order that design from him! Another way you can continue the boho look is through your wedding dress. Find a dress that embraces florals, tulle and even lace. Don’t be afraid to try dresses that aren’t traditional or typical.

Want to copy our look even more? Check out our “Bridal Show 2020” Pinterest board! Get inspired by the pins that we were inspired by. And as always, please reach out if we can help you plan the perfect day! RJC can’t wait to bring your wedding vision to life!


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