Stop and Save the Roses!

By January 28, 2020 Ruthe Tuesdays

I think we can all agree that having fresh flowers at a wedding is one of the most beautiful ways to decorate the day. With the right florist, they’re designed gorgeously, add height to tables, smell wonderful and accent beautiful wedding dresses. But what about when the wedding is over? What happens to all those tedious arrangements that took a lot of time and money to bring to life? I did some research and found a few ways you can use your florals after the party is over.

  • Give to Guests        

Why not allow your guests to continue to enjoy them? As the party is winding down, allow some of those last guests that are lingering to take home the arrangements. They could even be given as a thank you to family members that stay behind to clean up that night. Who knows, some of those family and friends might have another event that weekend that they could use the flowers for.

  • Spread the Love

Continue to celebrate love after your wedding by donating your arrangements to local nursing homes or hospitals. You can’t go wrong with a simple act of kindness like this! You could also ask your venue if they host churches. If you have a Saturday night wedding, the flowers can be given to the Sunday morning church service. You wouldn’t even have to worry about delivering the flowers to another location at that point!

  • Preserve the Memories

If you’re a super sentimental bride, you might consider drying or preserving your flowers. There are numerous companies that specialize in post-wedding florals. Consider pressing some of your flowers into a scrapbook or preserving your whole bridal bouquet in a glass case.

  • Go Green

Nowadays, when everyone is wanting to take part in creating a better environment for us to live in, saving resources is very important. That’s why companies like help brides find other local brides that are willing to share florals on their wedding day. Brides can choose to sell their florals at a discount rate, they can look for second-hand arrangements or simply share with another couple. It not only reduces waste but it saves your wallet too. It really changes the meaning of something borrowed!

Although weddings can be extravagant and exorbitant, they don’t have to be wasteful. Whatever way you decide to give your flowers a second life, it is helping you, possibly your wallet and the environment. Keep spreading the love!


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