Show Some Bridesmaid Love!

By October 22, 2019 Ruthe Tuesdays

After getting engaged, I would say the next special part of your wedding planning is selecting your bridal party. It can be such a sweet time asking your friends, sisters, or even future sisters to stand by you on that big day. For the next several months, they are going to be there for those milestone moments. They’ll be there to see you say yes to the dress, picking out vendors, and maybe even shedding a few tears. These are your girls! That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re making them feel special and loved in return. So here’s a few helpful questions to ask yourself that will guide you and your party through the wedding season!

Have you talked about finances yet?
Just like that conversation you had with your parents about finances, you should be asking your bridesmaids what they feel comfortable contributing. For example, consider if your bridesmaids can afford to pay for their own hair and makeup for the day of the wedding. Maybe this is something you want to have done. Similarly, bridesmaids usually pay for their own dress. But make sure this is clear with your party and no assumptions are being made.

How is your line of communication?
Communication is key! From the beginning of your wedding planning, you need to be clear on what you expect from your bridemaids. If you are taking on a lot of DIY projects for your wedding, this is especially important. How much time, crafting, and support are you asking of your girls? How many pre-wedding parties and events are they attending? Your bridesmaids probably have responsibilities and time commitments aside from your wedding. No matter what you decide on, make sure you are being considerate of them as well.

Did you say thank you?
This is an obvious one! Your bridemaids have been your cheerleader since day one! The wedding went without a hitch thanks to them and their support. Now that the big day is done, make sure to send them a thank you. A cute way to do this may be to give them gifts on the day of your wedding. Personalized totes, robes, or jewelry are great ideas that are sure to please. If you want to get extra creative, check out the Ruthe Jackson Center Pinterest Boards as well! Hand-written cards sent in the mail after your blissful honeymoon can also mean the world to your girls!

Picking out your bridemaids may come easy to you, but make sure these little details do as well. When you are all on the same page about your wedding vision, things can go a lot smoother. Then you and your loved ones can focus on what really matters: the celebration of you and your groom-to-be!


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