Remember to take it all in!

By October 29, 2019 Ruthe Tuesdays

Wedding planning can be an all-consuming, crazy, stressful, yet exciting task! It can really take over a lot of your time and energy, especially as you get closer to your date. There’s a lot that goes into making the day of your dreams happen financially and logistically. So why not take a moment to let it all sink in? Through the long days and countless hours, don’t forget to stop for a minute and really enjoy the season of life that you are experiencing. This is also easier said than done. Again, it can get crazy! That’s why I’ve got a few tips on how to really take it all in as a couple embarking on this marriage journey!

  1. Don’t stop dating
    Just because you’re about to be newlyweds doesn’t mean you have to stop going on fun, romantic dates! It actually means you should be consistently carving out time for your relationship! Don’t let wedding planning hinder this either. Remember to set aside a night or maybe a lunch date frequently throughout the busy wedding season. And when you schedule these dates, make sure you are taking advantage of them. Spend that time together talking and sharing your lives with one another, rather than on your phone scrolling through Instagram. Remove those distractions!
  1. Set a Timeline
    Your wedding to-do list is probably really long. Don’t let it overwhelm you. Set a timeline for yourself that allows you to accomplish tasks on time. Set goals for each week or month within your wedding planning. Another way to help relieve some stress is to make it a high priority to have ALL wedding planning completely done one week out from your wedding date. This allows you to take it all in, enjoy that last week, and spend time with your loved ones.
  1. Take pictures
    I’ll admit, sometimes I just forget to take pictures during big events or celebrations! It’s hard! For me, I love to be present in the moment instead of worrying about pictures. That’s one of the reasons why we hire photographers at weddings! But in the midst of planning, getting ready, crafting at your house late at night, or that time at the salon, capture that moment. They don’t have to be professionally done. They don’t have to be aesthetically pleasing. Again, that’s why we hire photographers. But, it’s good to have those little pictures that you can have on your phone when everything is over.
  1. Fifteen Minutes
    This is probably one of my favorite ways to take it all in! After your ceremony is over and you walk back down the aisle as newlyweds, give yourself a breather. Before the reception starts, sneak into your beautifully decorated reception space to really take it all in as a married couple. Just the two of you. Admire the hard work that you and your vendors put into making this day happen before your guests can enjoy it. Let it sink in that you are actually married! Enjoy being in the moment.

I hope these few tips make your wedding planning a little easier. Don’t forget that this season is all about you and your fiancé! When you focus on the two of you, everything else can fall into place.


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