Get the Most out of Your Honeymoon!

By December 10, 2019 Ruthe Tuesdays

With all the wedding planning you and your fiancé have been doing lately, I bet you both can’t wait to get away! Once all the wedding stress is done and over with, you’ll be able to finally relax and enjoy married life! And a honeymoon is a perfect way to unwind and connect with your partner before settling into reality again. But before you get on that plane, make sure to consider these helpful honeymoon tips to make the most of your special vacation.


Pack Ahead of Time:
Obviously, if you’re going somewhere for your honeymoon, you’re gonna need to pack. However, don’t wait until the last minute. Try getting this done before the wedding! Once your wedding is over, the last thing you’ll want to do is laundry and pack luggage. Do yourself a favor and get the chores done so you don’t have to stop the wedding fun.


 Do Your Research:
Another thing that shouldn’t be taken lightly: researching your destination. Make sure that super nice hotel deal online isn’t too good to be true. Maybe there’s a reason the price is so low? Also take the area around the hotel into account. Make sure there isn’t anything concerning that is deterring business.

Balance Your Activities:
When it comes to planning the perfect getaway, you want to make sure you have a balance of scheduled, fun activities as well as downtime. Having too many places to see or activities to go to can get overwhelming. Before you know it, your honeymoon will be over and you’ll realize you had zero time to actually relax! On the other hand, too few scheduled events can make your honeymoon kinda boring. You can only spend so much time in that hotel room. Find a fun thing to do at your destination and make memories that will last beyond your trip!


Make it Romantic:
This is super important! A honeymoon is such a special vacation. Often times, it might be the only vacation that solely focuses on you as a married couple. Life goes by so fast and before you know it, you might be vacationing with young kids or other family members. Take advantage of being alone. Choose a destination that you might not be able to enjoy later on in life. Invest in a nicer hotel or couples package. Do something out of the ordinary!

Ultimately, deciding on your honeymoon details will reflect on you as a couple, your personalities and your interests. Any trip, both across the world or a few minutes down the road, can be beautiful as long as you focus on each other! We hope as you consider these honeymoon tips, you take the time to celebrate the love that you both share and have the best experience ever!


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