Making the Most out of the Engagement Shoot

By February 18, 2020 Ruthe Tuesdays

After getting engaged, planning to get those engagement photos taken is one of the best ways to celebrate the next step in your relationship. Coordinating this photo session can be really exciting as it makes the engagement season feel really real (for those of you that still can’t believe you’re actually, finally engaged)! But before you jump right in, make sure to take some time to really think about what you want to accomplish through your engagement photos. Make the most of this once in a lifetime experience!

  • Select Your Season

Consider how you want your photos to look. Did you want a romantic, wintry engagement session? Or how about a boho, summer look? The time of year you take your pictures will determine what your photos will look like. Unless, of course, you’re taking indoor photos. Once you decide what season you’re aiming for, choose your attire to reflect that season. That means don’t try to pull off that yellow sundress during this February weather. The outdoor landscape of bare trees will give it away anyway!

  • Don’t Feel Pressure to Match

While coordinating outfits with your fiancé is definitely a must, this doesn’t mean you have to look like twins. Don’t be afraid to choose attire that compliments each other. You don’t have to be identical. This also opens up more attire options for both you and your fiancé, which might save your man a trip to the store for a new shirt.

  • Express Your Style

Engagement photo sessions are all about capturing you and your fiancé. And not just capturing a picture of you in the literal sense, but capturing your sense of style and personality as a couple. Let it shine through! Dress it up or dress it down, but don’t choose a style that doesn’t really express who you are. And on that same note, this means it’s also important to collaborate with a photographer that understands you as a couple. Find someone that is willing to embrace the photoshoot vibe you’re looking for. Hire that photographer that is going to think outside the box and allow your personality to radiate in your pictures.

  • 2 Outfit Rule

Don’t overthink your photoshoot! It might be easy to get carried away and want to commit to all of those Pinterest ideas. Instead, choose what you know will work for you and your fiancé. That means try to narrow down your outfit changes to only two outfits. When you start adding several wardrobe changes, it can take away from your scheduled photoshoot time. This might result in fewer pictures you really love. Plus, changing in and out of clothes for a few hours is never fun. Your photographer will also thank you.

Now that you’ve solidified your engagement shoot vision, it’s finally time to make these pictures official! Make sure to have fun with it, express yourself on camera and really embrace this beautiful season of life that you’re embarking on.


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