How to have the Ceremony of your Dreams

By November 5, 2019 Ruthe Tuesdays

Before you’re ready to celebrate, you gotta put a ring on it! The ceremony is one of the most emotional, beautiful parts of a wedding. You need to put as much thought and detail into it as you would the rest of the wedding. You might be thinking a wedding ceremony is just a standard ceremony. How complicated can it be? Nowadays, ceremonies can be extremely customizable. It’s important to clearly voice what you want at your ceremony to the officiant. Here are a few things you can consider in the process.

  1. Religious or Secular?
    Will you wed your fiancé at a traditional church or maybe a beautiful garden? Will your officiant be conducting a religious centered ceremony or a speech tailored to you two as a couple? It’s important you communicate what you do and don’t want your officiant to share. Simply holding a meeting with them will allow you both to get a better idea of what style ceremony you really want.
  1. Standard or Personal Vows?
    I’ve heard my fair share of the classic wedding vows, but I’ve also experienced many ceremonies with personal vows written by both the bride and groom. It’s a good idea to decide what route you and your fiancé are going to take early on. This will give you time to prepare a speech if necessary. And remember there’s no right or wrong answer here! Choose whatever vows make your day the best for you!
  1. Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace!
    Everyone should recognize this age-old wedding phrase. It used to be said a lot during the ceremony before the officiant proceeded with the wedding. This would allow anyone who objects with the union of the couple to come forward before they were joined forever. It would be a very shocking event if someone did come forward! Usually you don’t hear this being said too often in weddings anymore. It can be seen as unnecessary and possibly quite awkward. If you want this removed from your ceremony, make sure to communicate this to your officiant.
  1. Stories, Quotes, and Poems
    Sometimes officiants will share quotes, scripture readings, poems, or even stories about the couple during the ceremony. Have your officiant go over his speech in detail with you. Make sure to communicate anything you want included specifically that isn’t traditional to most weddings. And if you happen to be related to the officiant, make sure they don’t tell unwanted and possibly embarrassing stories of you on your wedding day! We’ve seen it happen before!
  1. Whatever you do, time it out!
    This is the most important aspect! Rehearse the timing of your ceremony with your officiant. If you are adding any additional pieces like a candle lighting or sand ceremony, this is especially important. Make sure you don’t create a ceremony that is longer than what you wanted or expected.

Whatever you decide for your big day, you can ensure a smooth ceremony by simply keeping a clear line of communication with your officiant. Even running through the ceremony once can make you and your wedding party feel a lot more confident about how it will go on the day of. And most importantly, the ceremony will be beautiful because it ultimately celebrates the love that you and your partner share!


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