Cake-aholics: Where Dreams Meet Desserts

By November 21, 2023 Ruthe Tuesdays

Nestled in the heart of Arlington, Texas, Cake-a-holics Bakery is a beacon of creativity and culinary artistry. Behind this celebrated bakery is a passionate individual with a story that intertwines family tradition, creative passion, and a knack for turning flour and sugar into mesmerizing confections. Come on this exciting journey with us as Matthew Wohlkinger walks us through the intricate details of what it is like to be a bakery owner.

The Beginning of a Dream
The journey began in the cozy kitchen of his grandmother, where the love for baking was first ignited. Family occasions were always adorned with a variety of delectable desserts, an experience that left an indelible mark. Moreover, his mother used to bake his birthday cakes every year for a while, and as he got older, he wanted to join in. Though he initially considered becoming a graphic designer or artist, his love for cake decorating and enjoyment of eating led him to reconsider. Those two things seemed to fit well into his career choice.The seed of passion sown by those early moments continued to grow, steering Matthew towards the world of cake decorating and the allure of creating culinary masterpieces.

The Journey of the Baker’s Dream
The growth of the bakery is a tale of gradual progress and expansion, a journey marked by various stages. He began making cakes out of his mom’s house, where he operated for two and a half years. Then, he transitioned to renting a commercial kitchen in Fort Worth for a year, which allowed him to expand Cake-aholic’s operations.

The pivotal moment arrived with the establishment of a physical store that became the heart of the business for a significant six-year period. After that, they relocated to their current spot on July 4th, 2023, and have been loving the new location ever since.

Each transition in this journey reflects a commitment to progress and adaptation. It’s an evolution underpinned by a dedication to honing the craft and meeting the aspirations of Cake-aholics.

Cake-aholics’s Commitment
At Cake-a-holics, attention to detail isn’t just a philosophy but a commitment. “I’ve always aimed to go above and beyond for our customers,” Matthew shared. “Every creation should not only look stunning but taste equally delightful.” It’s about blending artistry with flavor to create a dream-come-true cake for each customer.

For Matthew and the team at Cake-aholics, each creation is more than a mere dessert; it’s a conduit for joy, celebration, and the embodiment of the customer’s vision. It’s a commitment to transform dreams into reality, ensuring that every bite carries the essence of perfection and creativity. Their commitment is not just to deliver a cake but to craft an experience that becomes a part of our customer’s most treasured moments.

Rewards and Challenges
“The most rewarding moment for us is delivering our creations,” Matthew said with a smile. “Seeing the final product in its intended setting, and becoming a part of someone’s special day is incredibly fulfilling.”

However, owning a bakery has its challenges. “The dedication and energy we pour into every creation can feel bittersweet,” Matthew reflected. “Watching something meticulously crafted vanish in minutes and handling indecisive clients are part of the intricate process.”

Advice for Couples

Any Advice for Budget Brides?
For couples seeking guidance in their choices, Cake-a-holics offers valuable insights. “Considering dessert bars as a cost-effective alternative, exploring cake rentals, or opting for sheet cakes for larger gatherings are ways to make informed decisions. Choosing between a faux cake and sheet cakes at the back of the house as a cost-effective option, considering labor and logistical aspects, can be a strategic move for budget-conscious yet quality-seeking customers.”

How far out should a bride book you for your services?
Booking Cake-a-holics’ services in advance is recommended. “We suggest securing services 6 months to a year ahead to ensure availability,” Matthew explained. “However, if there is availability, we can consider a minimum of 2 weeks.” 

Reality TV Adventures
Matthew participated in both Cake Wars Season 4 and Winner Cake All Season 1. “Engaging in these reality TV baking competitions was a unique experience, quite distinct from everyday reality. The structure was precise; the allotted bake time was exactly as stated. If they said you had 4 hours, then 4 hours it was. However, they did permit adjustments for items needing cooldown time. On the show day, you have to re-bake on camera, but it required swapping it out with the one prepared the night before.

Cake Wars had a visible timer, a comforting guide for the intense competition. Winner Cake All, on the other hand, relied on vocal shout-outs to keep track of time. I achieved second place on Cake Wars and clinched the top spot on Winner Cake All. Additionally, I had the opportunity to assist a friend on Dallas Cakes, further enriching my experience in the TV baking realm.”

Cake-aholics isn’t just a bakery—it’s a haven where aspirations are turned into sweet reality, where cakes aren’t mere desserts but the embodiment of dreams and celebrations. Matthew Wohlkinger’s journey is a testament to the power of passion, commitment, and unwavering dedication in the delectable world of cake baking.

At the Ruthe Jackson Center, we wholeheartedly recommend Cake-aholics bakery as a trusted and cherished vendor with a longstanding partnership. Over the years, Cake-aholics has consistently delivered exceptional service, creating delectable and visually stunning cakes for numerous weddings hosted at our center. Their commitment to quality, creativity, and reliability has not only impressed our team but has also delighted countless clients and wedding attendees. The collaboration with Cake-aholics has been instrumental in elevating the overall experience of weddings hosted at the Ruthe Jackson Center, making them a reliable and valued partner in our pursuit of excellence.


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