Advice for the Guy Planning to Propose

By January 14, 2020 Ruthe Tuesdays

While all of our past pieces of advice have been for planning the perfect wedding, we decided to switch gears and tailor advice to those guys out there planning the perfect proposal! And if you’re a guy reading this about to propose to your girlfriend, let me be the first to say congratulations! This is a big deal! We hope these tips will help you better plan for this special occasion…and take some stress out of the experience as well!

  •  Communication is Key

While the proposal is supposed to be a surprise, the topic of marriage shouldn’t be! The easiest way to avoid your girlfriend from saying no is to openly talk to her about the idea of marriage. Make sure this kind of commitment is what you both want. Remember, your first conversation about marriage should not be as you are getting on one knee. If family is a big part of you and your partner’s life, consider cluing in the family beforehand as well. Depending on the family dynamic, asking her dad for her hand in marriage might be appropriate too.

  •  Go Shopping 

This one might be obvious, but make sure to have a ring to give to your partner when you propose. Unless you 100% know she does not want a diamond, do not assume she is okay with picking out a ring post-engagement. This step is also about communication as well. Take the time to get to know what she wants and what she’s expecting!

  • Get the Inside Scoop

Don’t overlook this step because it can save you so much stress! Before you propose, get the inside scoop from her family and friends what she likes and dislikes. Her sister might know exactly what kind of proposal she’s been dreaming of her whole life. Her mom might also know what she absolutely doesn’t want. Ask her best friend if she would rather have an intimate proposal or something in front of a crowd or stadium. Don’t guess! The answer to what she really wants is just a conversation away!


  • Document the Moment

Everyone in the wedding world seems to agree that the single most thing you should invest in for your big day is a good photographer. We believe the same is true for the moment when you get down on one knee. Your girlfriend will be so glad to know that you invested in someone to catch the whole event on camera. Proposal pictures are some of the sweetest out there, so don’t skip out on this step! Plus, if some of your family or friends can’t make it to the proposal, you’ll have pictures to show them later on.

  • Don’t Wing It

This is a huge thing to plan. Don’t wait until two minutes before getting on one knee to decide what you are gonna say. Take some time to process what you want to communicate to your partner. Be romantic! Tell her how much she means to you. You could even write a poem or speech beforehand and read it to her in the moment. I promise that will really show her how much you care! Secondly, don’t wing it when it comes to planning the proposal. Create a moment that you will both be proud of and something that you can cherish for years. Did you know there’s even proposal planners out there? Yep! You might even consider hiring someone to help you pull-off that surprise for your girlfriend.


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