How to Plan the Perfect Winter Wedding

By November 26, 2019 Ruthe Tuesdays

So you’ve picked the date! You’ve decided to make it official in the winter! This time of year is always perfect for weddings. With the holiday spirit in the air, what could be more romantic?! If you’re local to the Ruthe Jackson Center, you know that even Texas gets a chilly winter. And if you decide to get married in this area, you know you have to plan around that. We understand the challenges that surround this season, however beautiful and romantic it may be. That’s why I’ve decided it was time to share some of my tricks for having a perfect winter wedding…


Stay Warm:
Pinterest will show you a lot of beautiful pictures of bridesmaids in flowy dresses tramping in the snow. While this looks gorgeous, it’s incredibly impractical. No one wants to be stuck in the snow or freezing cold wind for an hour for pictures. Especially if your dress is sleeveless. So do your wedding party a favor and pick out your attire to help fight the cold. Maybe you could consider a bridal fur coat or shawl? Bridesmaids can having matching winter accessories that will look adorable and warm. There’s plenty of options out there!


Plan for the Weather:
Like any other time of the year, you’ll need to check the weather on your wedding date. You can research what the weather was like in your area on that particular week from years past as well. This will give you a sense of what to expect. If there’s a good chance of inclement weather, plan accordingly. Help your out of town guests by giving them travel and weather information ahead of time. Plan your wedding pictures efficiently to ensure your loved ones aren’t standing out in the cold longer than necessary. And always give you and your guests extra time for travel if the roads don’t look too good.


Embrace the Aesthetic:
Winter can be bitter and cold, but it can also be magical! Embrace the natural beauty that surrounds this season. Use pine trees in your pictures, bright reds, or deep emerald greens. Velvet is also in style around this season. Maybe that’s a potential attire idea for wedding guests or your bridal party?


Wedding Favors:
If you’re planning a winter wedding, you can get real creative with favors for guests. If you want to give them an edible gift, consider hot cocoa mix, s’mores, cinnamon rolls, gingerbread, or more. Winter candles, blankets, Christmas ornaments can also be a sweet gift for those that helped you celebrate.


One location:
This last tip is all about being practical. We all know that winter weather can get pretty unpredictable. Don’t risk driving on dangerous roads as you travel from your wedding to your reception. Keeping both your ceremony and reception under the same roof can eliminate a lot of worry. This means less driving for your guests and more time to party! And if you are struggling to find a space that can do it all, don’t look any further! RJC can handle both your ceremony and reception. Even in winter weather!


I’m truly thrilled that so many couples choose to take advantage of the holiday season to celebrate their union. I hope that these few tips help you in making your dream winter wonderland come to life. Don’t forget that the Ruthe Jackson Center is always here to help! I hope that you’ll allow us to be a part of that magical day!


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