How to Plan the Perfect Fall Wedding

By September 24, 2019 Ruthe Tuesdays

What season could be more romantic? It’s sweater season! That means snuggles with your fiancé by the fire while sipping pumpkin spice lattes and watching the leaves fall outside your window. Nothing could be more picture perfect than a fall wedding.
But what about the not-so-picturesque Autumn moments? Weather can be so uncertain this time of year while some of your favorite blooms might not even be in season. How can you avoid the downfalls you may ask? Maybe a few of these tips will give you some inspiration!

Plan Ahead of the Weather
Like I mentioned earlier, Autumn weather can either be beautiful and breezy or blistering cold and unforgiving. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception, it can be a little scary not knowing what mother nature will throw your way. A good tip is to check the weather on your wedding date from years past. Looking at the average temperatures can give you a good guess on how the day will play out. Don’t forget to let your guests in on what to expect. A great way to do this is by adding a note to your invitation or website reminding guests to bring coats and umbrellas just in case.
In addition to doing your research, you can also set up a backup plan with your venue. Communicate with the staff to see what can be done in case of rain or bad weather. Luckily, if you choose the Ruthe Jackson Center, we have many options! Our facility has both indoor and outdoor spaces to accommodate whatever Autumn decides to bring on your big day.

Don’t Forget the Pictures
Speaking of outdoor weddings, the fall season has another curve ball to throw your way. Typically, the sun goes down sooner in the evening than in the summer. This might affect your photoshoot schedule, especially if you’re going for that golden hour lighting. A quick Google search can tell you exactly when sunset will take place in your area. So don’t forget to plan with your photographer accordingly.

Embrace Nature
Nature has a lot to bring to the table during the fall season! Take advantage of this! Find flowers and greenery that are in season and that compliment your Autumn aesthetic. Get creative and use pumpkins and gourds for ceremony and table decorations. You can even bring in hay bales as a cute photo backdrop. These gifts of nature can not only bring your fall wedding to life, but they can be easier on the wallet than other flower alternatives.

Rock the Look
The chilly weather in Autumn doesn’t have to cramp your style on your big day! Consider complimenting your dress with a shawl or fur wrap. You could also look for bridal gowns with sleeves if that is your style. And don’t forget about your guests! Providing festive scarves or wraps at the wedding can be a creative party favor and nice gesture on a brisk evening.

Think Outside the Box
A fall wedding does not always have to mean warm brown and red tones. Consider other color combinations that can really wow your guests. Pinterest is a great tool for this. Simply searching for fall wedding color palettes can give you tons of inspiration. For example, metallic shades of gold can add that pop to your decorations you’ve been looking for. But beyond decorations, you can add your unique color palette to the small details like your shoes, accessories, and bridal party wear.

When you simply plan ahead, your fall fairytale wedding can really come to life! As always, the Ruthe Jackson Center team is here to help you and your big day. We hope you will allow us to be a part of that Autumn dream!


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