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Jim Rode Photography

Love stories and weddings have always found a loving haven at the Ruthe Jackson Center. Jim Rode is a photographic artist that has captured many weddings here. He is dedicated to capturing the emotions of people in love. When you consider that this beautiful day in your life can last forever in images and books, it makes sense to team a great wedding venue and garden with artistic fine art photography.

Most asked Questions...

Are you familiar with the Center? - I have photographed at RJC many times and just adore the venue and staff. The experience is king. Few venues match the dedication to having a well trained staff that is polite and experienced. They keep the ballroom, bridal room, and gardens clean and maintained. I have always been impressed.

On another note, I dearly love photographing weddings at the garden. The garden has ivy covered walls and even a brook with a tiny waterfall. Wedding guests are always impressed. The garden is lighted with old fashioned street lamps that I incorporate into my images! During the reception, at dusk, I like to sneak the bride and groom out for 5 minutes for pictures on the pathway, among the tiny bulb-lighted trees, and while they warm their hands at the fire pit. I photograph with High Dynamic Range techniques so that images at dusk are gorgeous.

Should we do Bridals? - The Ruthe Jackson Center is a great place for bridal portraits too. The staff has always allowed their brides to come in weeks before the wedding for beautiful portrait sessions so that a glorious portrait can be created for the wedding. I like to surprise wedding guests with a stunning bridal emulsion print on a sheet of aluminum. It looks vibrant and bold when compared to canvas!

First Look? - I can do a first look on request. The first look or first glance requires you to put on your gown hours early, before flowers or the guests even some family have arrived. You and your love will see each other first of course, but I believe that most brides want the emotional experience of watching the guests rise from their seats as you walk the aisle...approaching closer and closer to the man who loves front of everyone you know in the world! There is something magical about garden music, the light sound of the waterfall, and the scented breeze as you make your first appearance with your bouquet in a beautiful gown as he stands with the guys waiting for you.

How Long for Formal Portraits? - Professional photographers can do the ceremony returns in about 15-20 minutes. Doing formals hours before the wedding when everyone is nervous, before the flowers have arrived (and somebody is always missing!) is not the best situation. It’s backwards. Formals after the ceremony allow guests to walk to the cocktail hour or to the reception hall to gather and applaud your entrance. If formals are complete hours before, the bride and groom are first down the aisle, and first to arrive at the reception doors while all the guests follow after you.

Book or Dvd? - I absolutely believe in both. My files are actually on a hard drive carved in maple. I’m not a fan of the plastic Dvd. My files are fully finished, not proofs, and hi-resolution. This allows you to put glorious images on the wall at home. I do believe in great books. I can even provide one-of-a-kind books created by a Japanese artist who creates hand-razored books with real silver-halide print emulsions lacquered in place. It is awesome!

For more solutions, contact Jim Rode Photography at, or call 817-781-7331. Please visit for more wedding tips.



Helmut Walker Photography

Owners and photographers Raelyn and Laura take wedding photography to a whole new level of creativity, combining documentary, editorial, fashion and portrait photography to produce a wedding story that is truly reflective of their couples. They work as a team on all their shoots to ensure your wedding day, special event or portrait session gets the attention it deserves. They bring their technical expertise and backgrounds in fine art photography to create stunning imagery that embodies their couples personalities and love.


Most asked Questions...

Color or BW? - Our photographs are all digital so we can do both color and black and white. Color photographs are great for eye catching details, and black and white photographs really highlight the emotion of a photo.


Candid or traditional - We specialize in candid photos because we want to make sure we capture the wedding as it's happening, that way you get real emotions and moments. In fact a lot of the time we hear that the best photos are ones where they didn't even realize we were there, but were so happy the moment was caught! So if candid photos are what you're looking for on your wedding day make sure you see those types of photos in your photographer's portfolio before hiring them.


Lots of formal portraits - We always recommend taking as few formal portraits as possible, nobody likes waiting around for photos and honestly those huge family shots rarely make it into albums or are purchased. However if those shots are an absolute must work with your photographer before the wedding day to plan out the groupings and make sure family members are informed about where they need to be. You should also consider doing the formals before the ceremony instead of after to cut down on wait time for your guests. It's a non traditional approach, but you can have your photographer arrange a "first glance" so you and your groom will still have that precious moment of seeing each other for the first time that day.


Bridal shoot - We work with our brides to select a location for their bridal session that reflects the style they are going for on their wedding day. Sessions don't just have to be in gardens these days, a lot of brides are opting for more unique locations like boutique hotels, warehouses, homes of family and friends, or urban downtown areas. Bridal shoots don't have to be limited to before the wedding either, have a "Trash the Dress" session after the wedding day for a fun, adventurous session where you don't have to worry about getting your dress dirty!

For more information about Helmut Walker Photography, go to If you would like to contact them, email at, or call 214-695-9391.



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