Will & Erin

August, 15, 2013

This is our story.....

How we met...
Will and I met our senior year at Duncanville High School.  He played baseball, and I played tennis and soccer.  We would run into each other often and hang out after practices.  We started dating in November 2006, but that is not the first time we crossed paths.  Our families have known each other since we were four years old.  Our older brothers played soccer together, and as the younger siblings, we would play together during the games.  Will’s mom held me during the games, and we are actually in family photo albums together. 

Unfortunately, as senior year ended, so did our time together.  I went off to Abilene Christian University (A.C.U.) in Abilene to pursue my degree in Business, and he went to Paris Junior College to play baseball.  The drive from Abilene to Paris is around 5.5 hours which is too long for a weekend.  So, most of our relationship was spent apart.  Our sophomore year, he transferred to Howard Junior College in Big Spring, Texas.  He had much success there playing baseball, winning the Junior College World Series!  Plus, he was down the highway about an hour from Abilene.  Since the majority of two years were spent apart, we needed to figure something else out.  Will then made the decision to transfer to A.C.U. to finish his degree. Spending those two years together at A.C.U. was wonderful and allowed us to finally have a date!  I graduated in May 2011 and left A.C.U. while Will had one semester left.  His playing days were over at A.C.U. but continued playing baseball for an independent team (Fort Worth Cats) during the summer of 2011.  He graduated in December 2011.  

The proposal...
With Will in Abilene finishing college, there was not much talk of a proposal. I wanted it to happen but figured it would be later after he graduated and started his career.  We had looked at rings and talked about our future together but what couple that has been together five years doesn’t do that!  We have never been apart on our anniversary, so in November, Will came into town to celebrate our five years together.  We had a wonderful time as we went to the place where we had our first date.  We exchanged gifts, and then before I knew it, our night was over.  He tells me we are going to the Dallas Arboretum on Saturday.  I LOVE the Arboretum and really wanted to go during the fall.  He came over on Saturday, and we went to the Arboretum.  I am looking at everything, and he seems to be ‘occupied’.  He is texting on his phone most of the time we are there!  I got so annoyed because this was supposed to be romantic.  We came to a bench in a pretty and quiet section so I asked him who he's texting.  He quickly responds with, "My mom. She is asking me about dinner tonight."  I thought this was normal since he did mention we were having dinner with them that evening.  I was still annoyed and told him he was too ‘occupied’.  He apologized, and we went about our visit.  After we walked around for almost two hours, we stop in a pretty woodsy area that had a bench nested within the trees.  We sat down to rest from all the walking.  We had small talk about our visit, the nice scenery, and just the day in general, when he says, "I love you".  Naturally, I said, "I love you, too".  He then followed with, "A lot?", and I said jokingly, "YES".  Then, he followed with, "Well good, because I have a question for you".  He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!  I was filled with excitement and shocked it happened that day.  He then tells me why he was "occupied".  He was coordinating our location with his mom and my mom so they could capture pictures of the whole thing! They witnessed the entire day and came running out of the bushes where they had been hiding.  It was the best day I could have ever hoped for.

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