Kendall & Albert: The Engagement Story

December, 01, 2011

Highlighting the wonderful brides and grooms...

A part of this blog will go to highlighting the wonderful brides and grooms planning their weddings at the Ruthe Jackson Center.  You will learn about them, their engagements, and in the end, how perfect the weddings turn out.


Image courtesy of McGowan Images, Styling Courtesy of MegB Designs 

In this blog entry, we are going to introduce you to Kendall & Albert who are planning their wedding for April 2012 and their engagement story!

First you need a little back story...

Albert and Kendall first met on July 28, 2007 beside her driver's door.  After casually seeing each other for a month, Albert decided to make it official and asked Kendall to be his girlfriend on August 28, 2007 beside the driver's side door of her car.  Also, any special event in either of their lives, whether it be anniversaries, birthdays, promotions, Valentine's Day, etc, Kendall and Albert love going to iFratelli's in Las Colinas. (And yes, they order the same thing every time!)

So, now that you have the back story...

On Friday, January 28th, Kendall was at home when she got a message from Albert telling her to get all fancied up for a night out on the town.  Oblivious to Albert's plan , Kendall thought it was his way of giving her an excuse to wear an outfit she had bought recently.  Kendall got ready in a brand new dress, bright red heels, and bold jewelry - a definite departure from the norm.  After a delicious dinner at iFratelli's followed by some scrumptious cheesecake, Kendall laughed about how many people - literally more than 3 - commented on how cute bits and pieces of her outfit were.  To Kendall, the night was already awesome! :) After dinner, Albert asked Kendall if she wanted to go shopping - as if he needed to ask!  They strolled through one of her favorite stores, and Albert offered to buy a new outfit for Kendall - again, as if he needed to ask!  Content with the awesome night, Kendall was on cloud nine on the way home until Albert asked her to close her eyes about a mile from home.  Albert quickly drove home and backed up to the garage where Kendall's car was waiting.  With her eyes still closed, Kendall listened as the garage door opened behind her, and Albert got out of the car.  After a couple of seconds, Albert began playing their song "Better Together" by Jack Johnson and asked Kendall to get out of the car.  As she opened her eyes and turned around, her car was covered in tiny white Christmas lights and roses on the roof.  Still oblivious to what was happening, Kendall followed Albert over to her drivers side door.  Albert spoke a few moments about their life together and the future then got down on one knee and the rest is history!

Kendall & Albert have had the pleasure of working with 2 incredible photographers (McGowan Images & Koi Images and Events Photography) to capture the memory of their engagement.  Here are a couple of their favorites!




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